NullCandy games was founded in 2012 by three freshly minted computer engineers with a passion for not getting real jobs. Trading their cubicles and reasonable salaries for basements and food stamps, they now get to invest all of their time in making sweet video games and writing about themselves in the third person.


Stephane Beniak was born on a viking longship, and raised in the Wild West Island of Montreal suburbia. Fed straight chicken hormones for most of his childhood, he now clocks in at 2.072 × 10-16 light years tall. Finally done with school, he now spends most of his time crafting art and sound, while here and there writing questionable chunks of code for Darwish to debug.


Michael Darwish spent his early childhood on the distant shores of Laval, before coming to his little baby senses and moving onto Montreal island proper with nothing but a PC and some spare diapers. While spending his younger years becoming a stereotypical Canadian, he also took an early interest in programming before convincing someone to pay him for it. He now spends his days saying “sorry” and writing absurdly compact code.


Nobody knows exactly where Michael Hoffman was born, although some suspect the old Soviet-era nuclear shelter we’re not supposed to talk about. That might explain his uncanny skill with a keyboard, as he quickly became our resident wizard. Crafting O(n) sorting algorithms in the dead of night, he somehow still manages to read every Reddit post ever.



info [at] nullcandy [dot] com