Four Months, Count ‘Em

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by Stephane in Serious Business - (0 Comments)

Buckle up, gentlemen, it’s business time. NullCandy has now been on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for four (4) whole months! I’d write more, but let’s face it, we’re all here for the pretty pictures and download graphs and things, so check ’em out.


Okay, so the download rates have been slowing down a bit, but that’s to be expected. We attribute the slowdown to the fact that we’ve mainly been working on (1) a whole new game and (2) porting some of our previous games to iPhone so we can tell our moms about them.… Continue reading

For all you up-and-coming XNA developers out there, I wrote an article on how to create Conway’s Game of Life with our beloved framework over on GameDevTuts+. Watch the demo video below, read about it on its Wikipedia page, and then go check out the tutorial and build it yourself; you can make it from scratch in about an hour, and all the source code is provided for you!

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Work continues to trudge along here at NullCandy as we concentrate on new titles, but there’s always time to add some updates to our older games. This past week, we pushed update 1.3 for Follow The Curve and update 1.2.1 for Cave Worm.



As you can see in the screenshots above, both of these updates add a rating button to the game over screens of the two games. This is partly in the hope that we get more ratings for our games, which have so far been positive, to help our games climb the charts.… Continue reading

Trace Defense Sneak Peek

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Stephane in Game Design - (0 Comments)

It’s quiet in here…too quiet, you might say. Worry not, we’ve been hard at work on various projects, so let’s rectify that silence with a quick peek at one of our games that’s approaching release.


Our upcoming game is called Trace Defense and it will soon be coming to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are enemies closing in, and your turret is the last line of defense. But there’s a twist to this generic defense/shooter scenario… you don’t have any control over the turret, it simply targets enemies as they get too close.… Continue reading