Updates For Follow The Curve And Cave Worm Released

September 10th, 2012 | Posted by Stephane in Game Design

Work continues to trudge along here at NullCandy as we concentrate on new titles, but there’s always time to add some updates to our older games. This past week, we pushed update 1.3 for Follow The Curve and update 1.2.1 for Cave Worm.



As you can see in the screenshots above, both of these updates add a rating button to the game over screens of the two games. This is partly in the hope that we get more ratings for our games, which have so far been positive, to help our games climb the charts. But it’s also an experiment to see just how many of our users will be compelled to rate the game thanks to the new button. We’re collecting analytics data with Flurry (a highly recommended free tool, by the way), and so we’ll be sharing the results as soon as we get a good set of data together.

Lastly, we ported the far nicer two-pane high score table from Cave Worm back to Follow The Curve. So, you can now view the top 20 daily high scores as well as the top 50 all time high scores, all in a nice scrollable panel of course, check it out:



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