As Windows Phone 7 developers that are currently working on porting games to the iEcosystem, nothing has been troubling us more than Apple’s hardware sorely lacking physical buttons. I can understand that their modus operandi is to keep things clean, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, because¬†believe me, I appreciate this. But as iOS grows in complexity and functionality, the single Home button can no longer cut it. They have kept the hardware simple, at the expense of having their software become exceedingly convoluted.… Continue reading

Is it really July 19th already? Seems like productivity might have taken a hit, but it’s been a splendid summer so far here in Montr√©al, and you gotta live a little. So, another month, another milestone, this time with more graphs, more data, and more extrapolation! First up, let’s take a look at the overall download numbers, which now spans four games thanks to our newest child, Cave Worm.

Overall Downloads, Month 2

Let’s start with the obvious: there’s a noticeable download spike right at the turn of the month (daily downloads are in green), due to two factors.… Continue reading

I’m happy to report that Cave Worm‘s first update has escaped into the wild! Version 1.1 adds global high scores, so you can duke it out with your rivals from all over the world. There are daily and all-time score tables too, so go hone your skills and show us what you can do!


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Chances are, if you’re reading this blog (and you aren’t any of our mothers), you know your way around a computer. If you can’t fix a problem the first time, Google is just an Alt-Tab away and you’ll usually get your answer shortly. And boy, isn’t it frustrating when even that fails you, because it relies on a critical mass of people having had the same problem as you before. I found myself in exactly such a situation when a fresh install of my beloved Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas started crashing randomly on my shiny new desktop.… Continue reading

Good news everyone! Follow The Curve has just received its second update, which adds global high scores. Measure yourself up to the best in world, and try to set a new record! By the way, our internal record here at NullCandy is 1749, but surely you can do better?


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