NullCandy Is Born

May 24th, 2012 | Posted by Stephane in Game Design

Breathe. Know that the Internet has no eraser.

-Liz Strauss

Hello, world, and welcome to this shiny new block of internet real estate! Revel in the knowledge that these petty words shall forever be etched into the hard disks of The Almighty Google. And, perhaps more importantly, know that we are gathered here today to celebrate the birth of our new game development company, NullCandy.

We are Stephane, Michael and Michael (hereby known by their last names, Hoffman and Darwish, for obvious reasons), three recent McGill computer engineering graduates with a passion for not getting real jobs. Along with this marked pay cut, we also bring our love of programming, artistry, and video games to the table. And wouldn’t our mothers be oh so proud, regarding the latter, that all those hours of “R&D” might finally be paying off.

Our mission is simple: to create video games we think you’ll enjoy, monetize said video games so we can afford to eat, and repeat ad infinitum. We are presently developing mobile games, but also look forward to creating titles for the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race in the future.

On this blog, you’ll find content broken up into three broad categories: game design, startup business, and opinion pieces. Firstly, the game design entries will include tutorials, toys and prototypes relating to programming, game art, level design, and the likes. Next, we’ll also delve into the business side of things, detailing the life of a startup, and giving questionable advice whenever relevant. Lastly, being gamers ourselves, we’ll occasionally rave (or rant) about what’s new in the world of gaming.

Which brings us to you, loyal reader. Just like the average magic show “volunteer,” we appreciate that you help us on our journey to, well, somewhere more interesting than before! So don’t be shy to explore, post a comment, spread the good gospel, or drop us a line, at info [at] nullcandy [dot] com.

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